Inbound Email Filtering for Hosts

A new approach to Email Security

Customers demand excellent usability and security from their email provider. MailChannels delivers high accuracy through a refined user interface, all backed up by a 30-minute support guarantee so that you can focus on growing your hosting business instead of worrying about email.

The Perfect Combination of Accuracy, Usability, and Support

  • Improve customer satisfaction while boosting profits

  • 100% cloud-based for easy setup and zero maintenance
  • Eliminate lost email by letting senders release messages from the quarantine


The MailChannels Difference

High accuracy

High accuracy

AI, sender behavior, DKIM/SPF, DMARC - we have you covered.

MailChannels IQ

MailChannels IQ ™

Keep good mail in the inbox by letting senders release their own mail from the quarantine.

30-minute support

30-minute support

Email issues should never slow you down - we get back to you in 30 minutes or less, 24x7.