Netinternet Case Study

Netinternet provides dedicated servers, VPS, domain name registration, and related web services for customers of any size.  But Netinternet's shared hosting services were plagued by spam emails that threatened its IP reputation.  Learn how they solved this issue in our case study.

What's in the Case Study:


  • Read about how Turkish web host, Netinternet, was able to decrease support tickets related to email issues by 80%!
  • How MailChannels helped Netinternet tackle more spammers and save overhead costs


The MailChannels Difference


Scalable and reliable

MailChannels Cloud scales to accommodate your business’s email volume while our worldwide servers ensure continuous and reliable operation.


Designed to accept your spam

Outgoing email is scanned, spam is identified and blocked. A notification is sent so you can shutdown the user or script responsible for the spam.



Choose the plan that fits your business needs and pay on a month-by-month basis. There is no long-term commitment or hidden fees with MailChannels Cloud.