Site5 Case Study

Staying off blacklists and protecting their IP reputation is a priority for Site5. The company had tried to avoid blacklisting with a central mail system that used central storage and standalone relay servers to monitor and filter spam, but was shut down due to cost.

Learn how Site5 used MailChannels Cloud to solve their issues.

What's in the Case Study:

  • Read how Site5 gained a more efficient way to eliminate IP blacklisting problems and is now able to guarantee reliable email delivery for customers.


The MailChannels Difference


Scalable and reliable

MailChannels Cloud scales to accommodate your business’s email volume while our worldwide servers ensure continuous and reliable operation.


Designed to accept your spam

Outgoing email is scanned, spam is identified and blocked. A notification is sent so you can shutdown the user or script responsible for the spam.



Choose the plan that fits your business needs and pay on a month-by-month basis. There is no long-term commitment or hidden fees with MailChannels Cloud.